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About Us

Hannah Fearns

Our Background

Storyland Express classes were started to provide sensory stories and songs for babies and young children.  Our sessions are written by a highly qualified Primary Teacher with extensive experience in the Early Years.  

Hannah has been leading classes for many years and is skilled at organising engaging learning activities that motivate young children.   As the mother of two children Hannah has planned many developmental activities for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.   

Classes started in 2011 and currently run in Aberdeen City and Shire. There has been input from midwives, former speech and language therapists, early childhood educators, singers, and primary teachers in all of our sensory stories. Hannah’s passion, enthusiasm, and joy in working with young children led her to take over the management and ownership of Storyland Express in July 2024. She is very excited to go on a journey into imagination with you!

We have now launched our own YouTube channel so that anyone, anywhere can take part in our fantastic stories.  Join us online for amazing adventures!

Storyland Express

Storyland Express was launched as we dreamed of having a class that was unique in that it was centered around stories. We wanted children to be highly engaged, entertained, encouraged and stimulated to express themselves creatively.

Boy with rocket singing and doing action Rhymes
Puppet play and stories.

Rhymes & Tales

At Storyland Express we want to inspire a love of rhymes and tales.  Songs and rhymes that are part of our traditions have high artistic and cultural value.  Children grow in their understanding of the world through stories.   We bring to life the wonderful world of fairy tales and nursery rhymes with our children so they can share them with theirs.  

Drama & Role Play

Through drama and role play children develop language and communication skills.   They learn new vocabulary and express themselves.  They grow in confidence, creativity and imagination as they play out characters actions and emotions.   Physical skills and spacial awareness are enhanced as they move and dance.

Children responding to story through dancing and moving around with owl puppets and the Gruffalo.


We love music and follow the principles of Zoltan Kodaly, a famous Hungarian musician.  With young children singing is the foundation of musical learning.  The melody of a song is best heard when it is sung simply.  Percussion instruments encourage children to keep the beat.  Playing games, moving and dancing enable children to respond to rhythm and explore the pace of music.

The activities that are the easiest, cheapest, and most fun to do – such as singing, playing games, reading, storytelling, and just talking and listening – are also the best for child development.

Jerome Singer - Professor, Yale University

Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.


Friedrich Froebel - Founder of the concept of nursey education.​

Nursery rhymes and children’s stories gave kids an ear for language, for rhythm…They took imagination to all sorts of wild unexpected place…they give us a shared culture and a shared heritage.

India Knight - Sunday Times

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