Instruments that are fabulous for music making with young music maestros. Baby, toddler and preschool instruments that are easy to hold and make wonderful resonating sounds.
Create your own musical memories with these marvellous music makers. Wonderful for beat keeping and exploring rhythm.

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  • Halilit baby maraca

    Baby Maraca Halilit

    £3.95 Read more Instruments
  • Halilit Bendy Bell

    Bendy Bells Halilit

    £3.95 Read more Instruments
  • Castanet Halilit

    £2.95 Read more Instruments
  • Cage Bell Halilit

    Halilit Cage Bell

    £4.99 Read more Instruments
  • Blue pair of Halilit Maracas
  • Peekaboo Scarf

    Peekaboo Scarf

    £0.95 Read more Imaginative Play
  • Train Whistle Halilit

    Train Whistle Halilit

    £6.95 Read more Instruments
  • Wooden Claves

    Wooden Claves

    £3.95 Read more Instruments
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