Halilit Animal Shaker Musical Instrument Gift Set. Musical Sensory Toy Set for Babies Includes 3 Brightly Coloured Animal Baby Shakers and Rattles. Suitable Gift for Baby Boys and Girls 3 months +


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  • 🎵 SUPERIOR QUALITY – High quality design from musical toy experts Halilit ensures optimum safety, fantastic sound quality and durability to withstand even the most active children from 3 months+
  • 🎵 FUN FOR BABIES AND IDEAL FOR PARENT-CHILD PLAY – Each animal themed musical toy has been specially selected for younger babies as they are easy to grip and create different sounds. Parents can enjoy playing with these with their little ones and even use them as a visual aid to talk about animals
  • 🎵 CHILD SAFE – All of the musical toys in the set are BPA, lead and phthalate free with a chunky, rounded design that is comfortable and easy to hold
  • 🎵 HELPS YOUR CHILD DEVELOP VITAL SKILLS – Playing with these fun musical instruments teaches cause and effect and improves motor skills and co-ordination, which aids your baby with many important activities such as feeding, running and climbing. Musical play also enhances creativity and self-expression, which helps children express and cope with their feelings and improves problem-solving and concentration skills to name a few!
  • 🎵 VIBRANT AND COLOURFUL DESIGN – The vibrant and bright colours of the Animal Shakers attracts little eyes and encourages hours of play

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