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Tots & Tall Tales Pack

Tots and Tall Tales Instrument Pack - New Starts

Tots and Tall Tales Instrument Pack, optional for NEW STARTS in our toddler and 15 months up to 5 year old classes with one child.

Usual price £16.00 SPECIAL PRICE OFFER £11.95*
The pack is yours to keep forever, you take it home and bring it to class each week.  If you prefer you can borrow instruments each week.  We will give everyone coming to classes a peekaboo scarf to keep and take to sessions each week.
*Only available at this subsidised price when booking into a block of classes
This amazing value pack contains all the basics for class each week:
    • 1 x Halilit Bendy Bells
    • 1 x Halilit Maraca
    • 1 x Pair of high quality wooden clave sticks*
    • 1 x Peekaboo Scarf* (washable at 30 Degrees)
    • 1 x Bright Cotton Bag*

*Items marked with asterisk require adult supervision as they are a potential hazard if a baby was left alone with them.

Single maraca halilit
halilit bendy bell
Claves Rhythm sticks natural
Peekaboo game

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