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Terms & Conditions for Classes

  1. What these terms cover.   Please read below and tick to agree to our terms and conditions on which we supply our Storyland Express classes and general services to you as a consumer.
  1. Who we are. We are Storyland Express Ltd.  Our company number is SC654595.
  1. How to contact us. Contact details can be found on our website at:

  1. The following definitions and interpretations shall apply through these terms:
    • “Class Leader” shall mean the Storyland Express class teacher who is contracted to provide services to you.
    • “we”, “us”, “our” or “Storyland Express” means Storyland Express Limited.
    • “Classes” shall be deemed to be included within the term “Services”.
    • “session” or “class” refers to one 45 minute booking.
    • “block” refers to the weeks grouped together in a term in which the classes will run.
    • “writing” or “written” in these terms includes emails.
  1. How we will accept your booking. We have an online booking system through which you are required to register and pay for classes via stripe secure online booking payment.  We will accept your booking when you have both completed the online booking and paid for the block, at which point a contract will come into existence between you and us.
  1. Late bookings. When we reserve you a place and send you the booking links for classes we will give you 48 hours to book into classes and payment is required to book.  If you have not booked within 48 hours we release places to those on the waiting lists and you will lose your space in the class.  We really love seeing you at Storyland Express and would not like to see anyone miss out on their class. 
  1. If we cannot accept your order. In the event we are unable to accept your order, we will inform you of this (including why we cannot accept your order), and will refund you for the services that have still to be delivered. 
  1. Emails going into junk folder. We ask you to check your junk folder and ensure no emails from us are going into “junk”.  Where this does happen and you miss an email from us we cannot be held responsible.  
  1. When you book a block of classes. Our classes are booked in blocks which run alongside school terms.  The dates will be given to you in advance.  Your block commences on the date of the first class. 
  1. Instrument packs to be purchased. For the purpose of remaining COVID secure we require you to purchase an instrument pack when booking your first block.  These instruments are difficult to clean and it is much safer to have your own pack.  We are heavily discounting the packs to enable you to purchase these at a subsidised price.  Where you already have some of these items please contact us via email so we can arrange for a pack and a price for only the items you do not have.  No refunds can be given for instrument packs when they have been given to you and used in class except in the case of something being broken when you received it.
  1. When we have to cancel a class. There are some events that may cause us to cancel a class for one or more of the days in your block.  In the event of cancellation by us of a class we will give a class off in the next block (e.g. you will pay for one less class in the next block).  Where you are not returning next block we will refund you for the class or classes that were cancelled.  Classes can be cancelled for reasons such as:
  • Class Leader being unwell, or having family circumstances which require them to be elsewhere
  • Power cuts or other unforeseen issues at the venue
  • Weather conditions
  • National or local lockdowns due to COVID19
  • Government policy or age range changes for 0 to 5 year old groups
  1. Missed classes. If you miss a class we are unable to provide a refund for that class.  This applies but is not limited to holidays, illness, family issues, COVID19 isolation, weather (unless we cancel the whole class due to weather). 
  1. Special circumstances that are more than a week of missed classes. If you have circumstances that occur that mean you are going to miss several weeks, please email to inform us as soon as possible and we will see what we can do to give your place to someone else for the rest of the block and transfer your booking for the classes left to another block.  Examples of special circumstances could include; you or a family member in hospital, family bereavement, having had a C-section and being unable to drive, etc.
  1. Your rights if we can’t run the class you are booked into. We will contact you to tell you if we will be withdrawing the supply of a particular class.  This could happen if there were not enough in the age group to make the class viable, or if the government guidelines change the numbers of people we are able to have at our venue or the venue were to cancel our booking.  In those circumstances we would try to find you an alternative class that you were able to come to.  In the event that we cannot provide an alternative or the alternative is not suitable for you we will cancel the Contract and refund any sums you have paid in advance for the classes which are still to come in your block and have not been provided.  We cannot refund for used instrument packs.
  1. Booking for the next block when in classes. We will inform you by email of booking for the next block when you are already coming to classes and sent a link to book into the class through.  You will be given a date to confirm the booking by through our online booking system and will be required to pay for the block via the system.  If you do not make payment within 7 days of us reminding you that payment is due then the online booking system will release your place to those on the waiting lists.  If you do still want to come to classes you would need to find a class with spaces available.   If we are unable to fit you into one of the classes you would then go onto the waiting list.  When booking we require you to book the correct age group for your child. 
  1. Moving age groups. When you are ready to move to the next age group in an upcoming block we will try to find you a place in the next class ahead of those on the waiting lists.  We cannot guarantee that there will be a place in the next age group and there may be times you would have to go to the top of the waiting lists for a place in another block and wait until there is availability.
  1. Class times changing between blocks. We sometimes change the class times for new blocks and will let you know in advance of the block and before you book wherever it is possible to do so.  If we change the times of a class you are already booked into for an upcoming term we would give you a full refund if you were unable to come to the new term.
  1. Transfer of class place. Currently to comply with government COVID19 guidelines we need to keep the same groups of people each week.  Therefore you are not allowed to transfer your place to a friend for odd weeks in the block or if on holiday for a couple of weeks.  If you are leaving due to returning to work or moving away then contact us and we will see what we can do to possibly release your place to someone else and refund you.  This is at our discretion and depends on the circumstances and advance notice given (this should be not less than 7 days before the relevant class).
  1. Cancelling the contract not less than 7 days before the start of the block. You can cancel your booking not less than 7 days before the first session you are due to come to and be refunded the total you paid minus an admin fee of £5.
  1. Cancelling the contract with less than 7 days before the start of the block. You can cancel your booking with less than 7 days before the first session you are due to come to and be refunded the total you paid minus £10 for admin fees and to cover our costs to refill the booking slot.
  1. Cancelling the contract after the first or second class you booked. You can cancel your contract if you let us know by email on either the close of the day of the first or second session that you are due to attend.  You should inform us by email. 

    We will refund you for the remaining sessions in the
    block.  You will not be refunded for used
    instrument packs.  You must inform us 7
    days before your next session.

  1. If we cancel your booking. There may very occasionally be a circumstance where we would need to cancel your place if the safety of others was being compromised.  On rare occasions a child may be disruptive to others in the group.  If that was to repeatedly happen we would try to help your child settle but if they were not able to we would give a refund for all the sessions still to come and cancel the contract. 
  1. Where to find the price for our services. Payment details can be found on our website under the tab booking information.


  1. When and how you must pay. Classes are booked by the block and paid for in full at the time of class booking via secure stripe payment on our online booking platform. 
  1. We protect your personal information. We only use your personal information as set out in our Data Policy, which can be found on our website.  If required to do so by NHS ‘Test and Protect’ we will share your contact information.


  1. Only one adult per booking to attend classes. One adult only per booking is able to attend the class due to current government guidelines for adults and 0 to 5 year old groups. 
  1. Children over 5 years.  No over 5 year old children can come to class due to numbers allowed in our groups currently.
  1. Face masks. Adults are required to wear a face mask to arrive, leave and when moving around the room.  Face masks can be taken off when sitting down in our 2 metre socially distanced places.  Babies and children do not need to wear face masks.


  1. We are not liable for your property. Please note that any property or belongings you or your child bring to class are your responsibility and we shall not be held responsible for any loss of, or damage to, such property.
  1. Photography and media use. Parents are welcome to take photos and short videos of their child in our classes and to share these with family and friends on social media.  If there are other children who are in the frame of your photographs or videos please ensure you have permission before taking the photos and videos or sharing them on social media.  Excessive photos or videoing can be disruptive to the class and interaction with your child so we ask that these are kept to short clips and not throughout the entire session. 
  1. Intellectual property rights belong to us. All intellectual property rights in our classes or services are owned by Storyland Express Ltd.   All plans, original stories, formats and other material belong to Storyland Express Ltd and cannot be used out with our classes without written permission from Storyland Express Limited. 
  1. You confirm that you and your child are able to take part in our classes. By booking into or attending our a class, you agree that both you and any child under your care or supervision are able to take part in our classes and that it would not be harmful to you or your child’s healthy, safety and physical condition to do so.  Please note we will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage suffered where you do not tell us about a medical condition, or you or your child take part in an activity which would or might be detrimental to you or the child.
  1. You are responsible for supervising any babies or children you bring to class. On booking into classes we have a minors indemnity agreement that you are required to tick to agree that you are responsible for supervising your baby or child and attend classes at your own risk.
  1. In the case of illness from either you or your child we ask that you do not come to class. You must not bring your child to class if you or your child have:
  • a fever or cough
  • had an upset stomach or diarrhoea in the 48 hours prior to class
  • have had a vomiting bug in the 48 hours prior to class
  • heavy nasal discharge or discharging eyes
  • symptoms of a virus or infection that could be passed to others including but not limited to COVID19, measles, chicken pox, German measles, whooping cough, impetigo, scarlet fever, hand foot and mouth disease or norovirus
  1. If you have COVID19 symptoms stay at home. Please DO NOT come to class if you or your child have had or are experiencing symptoms of COVID19 within 14 days prior to class (see NHS website for symptoms), or have recently been in contact with someone who has.  Do not come if you or are required to quarantine as per government advice.  Follow government guidelines regarding isolation.
  1. You must comply with our policies and procedures. We will communicate any important policies or procedures for using our services to you via email, spoken instructions or signage within the building.  These may change from time to time to fit with government guidelines and keep everyone safe. 

Minor Indemnity Acceptance

When you are registering for classes we require you to read the guidelines below and agree to them.  This is done on our online booking system.




  1. I, acknowledge that I have read or have been made aware of the following safety guidelines pertaining to the participation by my child in Storyland Express Ltd sessions.
  1. All parents and carers are responsible for their children during the sessions.
  2. This responsibility includes ensuring the safety and well-being of their child.
  3. Children are free to express themselves, but we advise against children running or climbing during the sessions, to prevent accidents.
  4. While all props and play items are checked prior to commencement of the session by Storyland Express Class Leaders should a parent become aware of a new breakage of an item or a prop during the session it is their responsibility to inform the Storyland Express Class Leader.
  5. Parents and carers should monitor their child closely to prevent their children putting things in their mouth, and actively discourage them from doing this.
  6. Parents and carers should note that in all of our sessions (0 to 5 years), we sometimes use props that are safety marked for over 3 year olds. These are to be used by the adult holding the prop for their child.  Examples of these are dancing ribbons, scarves and flower garlands. These could be a strangulation hazard if your child is left unsupervised by their parent or carer.
  7. Any props with batteries are generally safety standard marked as suitable for over 3 year olds. These items add to the sensory experience and are included for use by the adult holding the prop.
  8. In baby classes Storyland Express use some homemade sensory items. These have been carefully selected for baby to enjoy. Parents and carers should ensure that their baby is playing with any item safely and stay with baby to ensure baby is happy.
  9. These guidelines are designed to ensure that your child will have a safe and happy experience with us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines.
  1. By ticking the box below I acknowledge that I have read the following information regarding Covid-19 and understand that Storyland Express have minimised the risks as much as possible.
  1. At Storyland Express we are following the latest government guidelines to protect against Covid-19. We have thorough risk assessments in place.  We ask that you follow any signs and instructions in relation to keeping everyone safe.
  2. Covid–19, often referred to as coronavirus, is an infectious disease that can result in serious and potentially fatal illness. There is a risk of the transmission of Covid–19 in any environment where people come together. The World Health Organisation has advised that the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions are more vulnerable. 
  3. At Storyland Express the class numbers are reduced in line with the government guidelines. If required as a business we have a legal responsibility to pass your information to ‘NHS Test and Protect’ and by ticking the box below you are giving permission for your details to be passed on to ‘NHS Test and Protect’.
  4. In coming to sessions, you assume all risk associated with Covid-19.  We are doing everything we can to minimise any risks and are providing individual props that are cleaned between each use, quarantining items, providing individual wipes, hand sanitiser, social distancing and wearing masks for adults whilst moving around the room.
  5. You must not enter the venue if you believe that you have any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19. See NHS website for details of symptoms.
  6. I acknowledge no activity is free from risk but where risks have been identified through thorough risk assessments that Storyland Express Ltd has sought to minimise risks wherever possible.

I acknowledge and agree that I am responsible for supervising my baby or child at all times during class and attend classes at my own risk.

  1. The laws of Scotland apply to this agreement.

By ticking the box when registering online I agree that I have read and understood and accept the guidelines as set out above.

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