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What our Storylander's Say

Fun, fun, fun!  Really engages my baby for the whole class.  The songs, musical instruments and sensory time are great for his development.  I enjoy it too!  Really original and by far the best baby class we go to.’   


The stories are always fun and well thought out using props.  The kids love it.  Fabulous for all ages.  The older ones can do the acting and the younger ones love the music.  


The use of props has kept my son engaged.  The stories entertain him, so much so that he has started letting me read to him at home again.


We love the stories and how there are always great little characters to make the story more exciting for the little ones.  Emma loves to take part and become involved in the stories. 


It’s brilliantly interactive for babies who all enjoy it and it still amazes me that Caireen can hold their attention though a story at this young age!  We love it.  Fabulously structured and well thought out.


I like Storyland Express because of the interactive play, very stimulating for the children.  Very well thought through.  


It’s such good fun with different themes.  There is always something new with familiar parts too which I think Grace enjoys.  It’s good for learning numbers, following instructions and tidying up.  


I like the variety of activities, story time, lights and action packed fun!  Children week by week grow in confidence and learn. 


I like the variety of each session, the themes and toys that go with each theme.  It is colourful, educational and fun.  This has been great for my older child and 7 month old too.  


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